Rockford Park Maternity Session | Jamie & Brian

Most of the time we’re shooting weddings or engagements, but it’s a lot of fun to mix things up with a maternity session! When Jamie and Brian first reached out about a maternity session, we were immediately attracted to how enthusiastic they sounded via email. Now that may sound odd, but we love working with excited clients, so it was a very positive indicator of a fun photoshoot. Fast forward to the maternity session at Rockford Park in Wilmington, Delaware, and we were blown away by how nice, caring, and genuinely fun these two were. They are going to be some seriously awesome parents! Can you believe she’s 33 weeks pregnant in these photographs!? She looks absolutely incredible! Basically, she’s the girl that makes every other pregnant lady jealous. Also, Jamie and Brian are patient enough to wait until the baby is born to learn the gender. This is certainly one of life’s big surprises, but when Lincoln and I had Violet we simply could not resist and found out her gender as soon as we could! Anyway, that’s enough rambling: as you’ll see below, Rockford Park in Delaware was an absolute gem for this maternity session.

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Yardley Engagement Session | Sue & Mike

We love Sue & Mike. Although, admittedly we’ll say that about anyone that finishes a shoot by handing us a delicious local growler of beer, but in this case that is not the only reason we love them (not even close!). These two love birds live in the quaint town of Yardley, and from what we gather they love every minute of it. After Lincoln and I finished obsessing over their perfectly manicured yard, we went to the Delaware River and were quite surprised (read: flabbergasted) when a ‘bridge security guard’ told us that we were supposed to get consent to take pictures with the bridge. Uh, what? Well, we escaped without jail time, and Sue & Mike invited us into their favorite local spot, Vault Brewing, where they were serious VIPs. At the end of the session, all four of us were grinning from ear to ear with some beer left to drink, which is hopefully where we’ll pick things back up at their wedding next year!

Yardley Engagement Session in Bucks County PA

Philadelphia Boathouse Row Engagement Session | Sarah & Jared

Words that describe Sarah & Jared: cool, fun, and adventurous with a touch of badass (see motorcycle photos below!). For their Philadelphia Waterworks and Boathouse Row engagement session, Lincoln and I had an especially entertaining night trekking around Philly with them and gaining some insight into their wedding plans. For instance, Jared is attempting to buy a school bus instead of a limo – yes, buy…not just rent! Call me crazy, but his well thought out explanation made complete sense at the time, especially since he has pulled off many other seriously awesome feats in the past (read: Jared wore a Domo costume to Santa-Con). Also of note, Sarah has super powers that include 1) the ability to regain perfect hair post-motorcycle helmet by simply flipping her head, and 2) a 60 seconds outfit change. Both skills are incredibly useful. You’ll be seeing them at the Ballroom at the Ben next year!

Philadelphia Urban Engagement Session with Sunset MotorcycleBoathouse Row Engagement Session PhiladelphiaJaime Bartlett Pair Photography

Philadelphia Woods Engagement | Alysse & Pawel

We only got lost once on the way to Alysse and Pawel’s engagement shoot in a woods outside of Philadelphia – but it was so worth it once we found the spot! We even got to make our dog, Penny, jealous when we got home and she smelled Alysse and Pawel’s dog, Claire, all over us. We love when couples involve their pets in their weddings/engagements – so we were super psyched! We hiked our way through some long and windy woods stopping along the way for some great shots until we got to the big, open field of Alysse and Pawel’s dreams ;) We heard gun shots the entire time, so luckily Lincoln didn’t get shot (as he so wisely chose to wear CAMO to a woodsy engagement shoot)! Check out our favs:

Philadelphia Woods Engagement Session
Bartlett Pair Photography Lincoln
And I had to sneak in this one of Lincoln…why does he scrunch his face sometimes? No one knows!

Cescaphe’s Curtis Center Wedding in Philadelphia | Christine & Pasquale

If there’s one piece of advice that Lincoln and I give brides, it’s to enjoy your wedding day as much as possible. There are always little annoyances (i.e. a morning migraine in this case), but keep your inner bridezilla locked up! Christine took this to heart and cherished every minute with her lively family and friends, which is the right way to start a marriage! We trollied it up (yes I made up that…but for wedding photographers it does exist) all around the city – which was especially fun with Christine’s niece and nephew who made us laugh all day long! Christine is also the creator of Red Hot Dance Fitness, which translated to an uncommonly talented/lively dance floor. The entire day was a high class affair (of course it was, because it was a Cescaphe Event!) – check out a few of our favorites below :)

Philadelphia Wedding Getting Ready Loews HotelCurtis Center Wedding Ceremony by CescaphePhiladelphia Urban City Wedding PortraitsCurtis Center Wedding Reception Tables Cake by CescapheJaime and Lincoln Bartlett Pair Photography Philadelphia


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