Barn at Glistening Pond Wedding | Falls Pennsylvania

It is not every day that a couple books their photographer less than a month before the wedding date…but Emily and Chris are not your run of the mill couple! Chris is in the Marine Corps and with him being stationed so far from Emily and a Spring deployment date coming up – their wedding had to be spontaneous. Luckily – Emily clearly has impeccable taste and their Barn at Glistening Pond wedding was just as dreamy as the two of them are together!

It was our first time at this brand new wedding venue, The Barn at Glistening Pond in Falls PA, and it seriously did not disappoint!! This gorgeous, rustic farm is nestled on 200+ acres with stunning views and lots of amazing little nooks and crannies, perfect for a photos. Seriously – a photographer’s dream! We had so much fun exploring with the bridal party and soaking in the gorgeous reception space.

Emily and Chris are one of those adorable couples who only see each other, even in a crowded room. They spent the reception captivated by each other and enjoying the company of their family and friends. We were so happy to be part of their day and know that the best is yet to come for these two!

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Philadelphia Farmhouse Snowy Winter Wedding | Hilary & Grant

Hilary and Grant are such a fun, totally perfect for each other kind of couple. We knew instantly when we met them last year at their engagement session that their wedding was going to be amazing because they are just so fun to be around!

Hilary chose a January wedding and hoped for snow – which not all brides do, mind you – and her wish came true! And ours! Because in the winter, nothing looks better in the backdrop of a photo than fresh fallen snow. It was a cold but ridiculously gorgeous Philadelphia Farmhouse snowy winter wedding for sure! And the entire bridal party was adventurous and got a little chilly for us, which was awesome. These two are so sweet together and we couldn’t have been happier to be part of their wedding!

Down Town Club Wedding in Philadelphia by Cescaphe | Kim & Chris

Kim and Chris are one of those couples who can be a crowded room but only notice each other. They are not only super sweet together, but also kept each other smiling and laughing the entire day – which is definitely a good sign! Kim is just absolutely stunning (that dress!) and both her and Chris are not only easy to photograph, but just a pleasure to be around in general!

Their late December wedding at the Down Town Club called for snow, so we came (excited) and prepared in our snow boots to take on the day! The snow did not disappoint – it provided a ridiculously magical backdrop for all of Kim and Chris’s center city Philly portraits. We had the best time trekking throughout parks and historic areas with them to capture them on their wedding day. After we all had enough of the cold we retreated to the insanely gorgeous Down Town Club where Beautiful Blooms worked their magic and left us with a wintery, festive reception space that was gorgeous from every angle. Masquerade was there keeping the dance floor absolutely packed and we (and everyone else there!) had the best time ever all night long. Congrats Kim & Chris!

Philadelphia Greenhouse Engagement Session | Jacquelyn & Will

I’ve said it before and I will say it again – we seriously work with the BEST couples. Jacquelyn and Will are one of those ridiculously cute ones who are so easy going and totally fun to be around. We loved how they were so comfortable being themselves in front of our cameras and we had the best time roaming the gorgeous grounds of Longwood with them. So excited for their August wedding next year!


















Greenville Country Club Wedding Brunch in Delaware | Mary & Oliver

Mary and Oliver are one of those inspiring couples who literally just radiate love. In a crowded room, you could see they only saw each other. Their wedding was sweet, touching and we were just thrilled to be capturing all of the emotion and love of their special day. One of our favorite moments was when Mary got to see her soon-to-be Groom without him seeing her – he was blindfolded but they got to talk, hug and get rid of some of those pre-ceremony nerves within the comfort of each other. It was a very sweet moment!

Their wedding was at the breathtaking Greenville Country Club – we love it there and its really been one of our absolute favorite venues ever since we shot there last summer (special ‘thank you’ to Linda Gaynor for planning perfection!). The festive holiday decor did not disappoint – the halls were decked and perfect for a winter wedding. Their intimate ceremony was even in front of the fireplace! It was a bit of a chilly, blustery December day but that just made their wedding all the more cozy and warm to be part of!

Instagram: @BartlettPairPhotography