Philadelphia Boathouse Row Engagement Session | Sarah & Jared

Words that describe Sarah & Jared: cool, fun, and adventurous with a touch of badass (see motorcycle photos below!). For their Philadelphia Waterworks and Boathouse Row engagement session, Lincoln and I had an especially entertaining night trekking around Philly with them and gaining some insight into their wedding plans. For instance, Jared is attempting to buy a school bus instead of a limo – yes, buy…not just rent! Call me crazy, but his well thought out explanation made complete sense at the time, especially since he has pulled off many other seriously awesome feats in the past (read: Jared wore a Domo costume to Santa-Con). Also of note, Sarah has super powers that include 1) the ability to regain perfect hair post-motorcycle helmet by simply flipping her head, and 2) a 60 seconds outfit change. Both skills are incredibly useful. You’ll be seeing them at the Ballroom at the Ben next year!

Philadelphia Urban Engagement Session with Sunset MotorcycleBoathouse Row Engagement Session PhiladelphiaJaime Bartlett Pair Photography

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