Brantwyn Estate Wedding | Jennifer & Randy

Whoever said rain on your wedding day is good luck…wasn’t lying. Jennifer & Randy’s Brantwyn Estate Wedding was easily one of our favorite weddings of the year. First of all, the DuPont Wedding Collection venues are absolutely pristine (and quite reminiscent of Downton Abbey). The staff is always exceptional and treats you like royalty. However, what truly made this wedding special was: Jennifer & Randy. They were wildly head over heels for each other…and I know that sounds cliché, but the proof is in the memory cards (as the photographer saying goes) and literally every part of the day is full of blissful images of Jennifer & Randy looking so incredibly happy.

There was a crucial point of the wedding day where Jennifer & Randy had to decide whether their Brantwyn Estate Wedding ceremony would take place indoors or outdoors. The storm lightning alarm at the nearby DuPont Country Club was not very encouraging, but Jennifer & Randy decided to go all-in and chase their dream of having an outdoor garden wedding ceremony. It paid off – big time! We witnessed one of the most surreally beautiful ceremonies as the storm loomed in the background. We had time for a few quick bride and groom portraits before the rain came pouring down. What was remarkable about this wedding was that Jennifer & Randy did not let the weather phase them one bit, in fact it actually added to the excitement of the day; a true testament to how these two are able to make the best out of any situation. For the closing image below, Lincoln and I really wanted to create a unique portrait to showcase the rainy good luck, and Jennifer & Randy were brave enough to let us try it!

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