Custom Photography USB Drives for All Clients!

Guess what? Today marks a new era for all Bartlett Pair clients. As part of a continuing effort to offer our clients nothing but the best premium photography experience, we have upgraded our method of delivering digital files. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know that the world of technology is quickly shunning DVDs as a storage device. The latest computers don’t even come with a DVD drive anymore! So we’re excited to announce that all clients will receive these gorgeous custom Bartlett Pair Photography USB drives. They’re faster, more reliable, and overall way cooler than any DVD. We can’t thank our friends at USB Memory Direct enough for making the entire design/delivery process so much easier/faster than we ever expected. If you ever check them out, be sure to mention that we sent you and I’m sure they’ll be extra nice :)

Custom Photography USB Drives Bartlett Pair

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