Greystone Hall Wedding in West Chester, PA| Liz & Sean

Some couples have a certain indescribable glow about them; it took us about 2 seconds to realize Liz & Sean had it. Liz works as a Buyer for David’s Bridal (can’t you tell by how AMAZING her dress is??) and Sean is a creatively talented artist. Yeah, they were a pretty good match for us ;) We frequent Greystone Hall a lot and it’s turned into one of our favorite places. Whenever we revisit a venue we put a big focus on crafting unique images to ensure the end product is one-of-a-kind. In this case, Liz was brave enough to trek all the way across the estate to the pergola. She also won the Bartlett Pair trophy for most epic never-ending veil (the maid of honor had the high pressure task of handling the veil without ripping out Liz’s hair!). Once again, our magical powers swayed the 100% rain forecast, which allowed a beautiful outdoor sun-soaked ceremony. Enjoy!

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