Montrose Mansion Wedding in Villanova | Kerri & Bill

Kerri is our favorite type of bride because she trusted us completely and gave us unrestricted freedom to unleash our creativity (in fact, her actual wording in our pre-wedding form was: “we are up for any and all creative shots you may want to take – YOU ARE THE BOSSES!”). We had such an unbelievably fun time at this Montrose Mansion wedding that we’ve been gushing about it to everyone we know. Kerri and Bill, despite going to Lincoln’s rival high school Germantown Academy, are simply some of the coolest people we’ve met. After making things official at Villanova’s St Thomas Chapel, we toured Philly with their wild bridal party and an old school boom box blasting. Walking around the city with a bridal party is always the best feeling because everyone you see is cheering and congratulating you as if you were a celebrity; I love it! We explored the Art Museum stairs and the Rodin Museum before making our way back to the Montrose Mansion wedding venue in Villanova for an exquisite cocktail hour and reception. The speeches were touching, and the dance floor was absolutely crazy. Finally, Kerri and Bill went above and beyond and picked out a special gift for us: a ‘Summer Love’ 6-pack and cute glasses with Philly pretzels on them! How cool is that?? We’ll never forget this day!

Side Note: This day also represented a major first for Lincoln, because as he dove (read: crouched) to the ground, his all-too-slim-fit pants split wide open as Kerri and Bill made their grand exit from the Villanova Chapel. Somehow, no one really seemed to notice and we were able to grab an extra pair. We have triple backups for all of our camera equipment, and now Lincoln will have to bring backup pants to each wedding haha. Philadelphia Wedding Getting Ready PicturesVillanova Chapel Wedding St ThomasVillanova Chapel Wedding CeremonyPhiladelphia Art Museum Wedding Bridal Party GroupPhiladelphia Wedding Photographers 01Philadelphia Wedding Photographers 04Philadelphia Wedding Photographers 02Philadelphia Wedding PhotographersPhiladelphia Wedding Photographers 06Philadelphia Wedding Photographers 07Villanova Conference Center WeddingMontrose Mansion Wedding Villanova

Behind the Scenes! Jaime and Lincoln Bartlett Pair Photography

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