Please Touch Museum Wedding | Sarah & Mike

It would be completely accurate to say that Sarah and Mike’s marriage began in a blaze of glory. That’s right – on the afternoon of their Please Touch Museum wedding, the venue was actually on fire. It is important legally, for us to note that “we didn’t start the fire…it was always burnin…”. I will say that Mike and Sarah were really fired up to get their ceremony underway…OK that’s enough fire references! Luckily, Sarah and Mike are such a fun, easy-going couple and they didn’t let the delay ruin their day at all (the fire was in the basement and was all cleaned up prior to the ceremony luckily). In fact, Sarah took full advantage and we got some great pictures with the fire trucks! Their ceremony was absolutely stunning, taking place in the entrance of Please Touch. Afterwards, we had a blast visiting all the different exhibits and getting lots of fun portraits. The reception was stunning and they went with a really cute candy theme for each of their tables. It was a good idea, because many guests were taking their table’s candy to other tables to make trades – it got everyone up and mingling! This was a wild group of Haverford grads and they definitely knew how to have a good time! Here are a few highlights from this adventurous day!

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