We only got lost once on the way to Alysse and Pawel’s engagement shoot in a woods outside of Philadelphia – but it was so worth it once we found the spot! We even got to make our dog, Penny, jealous when we got home and she smelled Alysse and Pawel’s dog, Claire, all over us. We love when couples involve their pets in their weddings/engagements – so we were super psyched! We hiked our way through some long and windy woods stopping along the way for some great shots until we got to the big, open field of Alysse and Pawel’s dreams 😉 We heard gun shots the entire time, so luckily Lincoln didn’t get shot (as he so wisely chose to wear CAMO to a woodsy engagement shoot)! Check out our favs:
Philadelphia Woods Engagement Session
Bartlett Pair Photography Lincoln
And I had to sneak in this one of Lincoln…why does he scrunch his face sometimes? No one knows!


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