Rolling green meadows and towering trees on the property of the late 1700s summer estate of Philander Chase Knox, located within Valley Forge National Park

Philander Chase Knox Estate


Gabrielle & Keith

Love Letter

-Gabby & Keith

"My husband and I were nervous we would be awkward in our engagement pictures and then eventually our wedding photos, but when we got to our engagement session Jaime and Lincoln made it so comfortable that everything was natural and the pictures were BEAUTIFUL and candid. Speaking of candid, they captured our wedding PERFECTLY... each and every small, delicate moment we now have to cherish. We love The Bartlett Pair and feel so fortunate to have had them as our wedding photographers!"

Gabrielle and Keith are simply adorable. We met up with them within the gorgeous Valley Forge National Park and explored around the greenhouse ruins and vast meadows of the Philander Chase Knox estate – laughing and having fun. 

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