We’ve been to many weddings at the Greenville Country Club, and the wedding photos are always so unique because of the endless possibilities of the estate’s many gardens. The lush grounds always create a beautiful and intimate backdrop for the wedding ceremony. Megan & Tyler were filled with joy throughout the day, and their happiness was undeniably contagious. The string lights at the venue added a touch of magic, and the reception was so much fun we were literally giggling the entire night. When the sun started gushing gorgeous golden hour light during the wedding reception, we quickly snuck the bride and groom to the field behind the dance floor. At many venues, this is not a quick endeavor, and can take away from a few very fun dance songs, but at Greenville Country Club, the sunset is steps away from the reception. The soft and warm light during golden hour is such a creative influence on our wedding photography that we love to make the most of it! We were grateful for the opportunity to photograph such a special day.

The relaxed old world setting of a Greenville Country Club wedding is reminiscent of the famous du Ponte estates spread across Delaware, including Longwood, Winterthur, and Nemours. The location is only 45 minutes outside of Philadelphia, and all of your guests will enjoy seeing the stunning area surrounding the estate. Their extravagant family was in a constant pursuit for the ultimate venues, and they spared no cost. Each estate has a unique atmosphere, and the Greenville Country Club is certainly no exception. The grounds are quite large, from the Colonial Revival boxwood garden in front of the famous Owl’s Nest tower, to the newly renovated wedding reception tent connected to the back of the estate. Something really important to highlight is that the clubhouse features several private rooms that it’s the perfect venue to customize your wedding. It’s also helpful as a “Plan B,” in case luck brings you a rainy, cold, or windy day. Trust me, this peace of mind is priceless! As wedding photographers, we’ve certainly seen weddings where there wasn’t much flexibility to dodge the weather. This wedding is the perfect example, because looming storms caused Megan & Tyler to make the safe choice of an indoor ceremony, where all of their guests were very comfortable in the air conditioned Greenville Country Club.

The reception was a lot of fun. Everyone was laughing and crying during the toasts, and the newlyweds tore up the dance floor. We were able to capture some great photos of the couple enjoying themselves with their friends and family. When Megan & Tyler first visited the grounds, they were blown away by the hospitality Greenville Country Club brings to their guests. We know from experience that this is because country club staff want to do everything they can to please their members. This culture extends to the business or personal needs of any catering event they host, and is especially true for an elaborate wedding reception! The on-site catering staff for the country club is more than happy to create a personalized menu for your special occasion. If you want to note any food restrictions on the catering menu, simply tell the venue manager and the executive chef will incorporate that into his culinary innovation.

The history of Greenville Country Club, before weddings!

The venue was originally called Owl’s Nest Country Place. The 1915 Tudor Revival estate in Greenville, Delaware, was built by Eugene du Pont Jr. and his wife Ethel Pyle du Pont. After du Pont’s death, the mansion and 17 acres of surrounding land were purchased by a group of families in 1961 who formed the Greenville Country Club. The venue has expanded upon the original social and recreational uses of the landscape while preserving key aspects of its design integrity. The estate is located on an 18-acre parcel and includes a house, three related buildings, and a variety of landscape features. The house was designed by Harrie T. Lindeberg and is set within a simple parkland of trees and lawn. The landscape features include brick entry gates and walls, a curving road system, a pond and drainage system, great lawn, forecourt, and arboretum. In 1928, Ellen Shipman designed a Colonial Revival boxwood garden on the estate. The garden is axial, with a central slate circle, lawn between boxwood-lined paths, and seasonal flowers in perimeter beds adjacent to low brick walls. The enclosing walls connect to the house and channel views from the house’s slate terrace to the Arts and Crafts style Tea House at the far end of the garden. The site was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2010. The estate is a significant example of early 20th century American estate planning and design. The house is a fine example of the Tudor Revival style, and the landscape features are well-integrated with the architecture. The boxwood garden is a particularly notable feature, and the Tea House is a charming example of Arts and Crafts architecture. The estate is a popular destination for weddings, events, and simply enjoying the beauty of the natural surroundings. It is a reminder of the Gilded Age, when wealthy industrialists built grand estates in the countryside. Owl’s Nest Country Place is a valuable asset to the Greenville community and a testament to the du Pont family’s legacy. The address is 201 Owls Nest Rd, Wilmington, DE 19807.

This Greenville Country Club wedding is one of our all-time favorites!

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