Kim and Chris are one of those couples who can be a crowded room but only notice each other. They are not only super sweet together, but also kept each other smiling and laughing the entire day – which is definitely a good sign! Kim is just absolutely stunning (that dress!) and both her and Chris are not only easy to photograph, but just a pleasure to be around in general!
Their late December wedding at the Down Town Club called for snow, so we came (excited) and prepared in our snow boots to take on the day! The snow did not disappoint – it provided a ridiculously magical backdrop for all of Kim and Chris’s center city Philly portraits. We had the best time trekking throughout parks and historic areas with them to capture them on their wedding day. After we all had enough of the cold we retreated to the insanely gorgeous Down Town Club where Beautiful Blooms worked their magic and left us with a wintery, festive reception space that was gorgeous from every angle. Masquerade was there keeping the dance floor absolutely packed and we (and everyone else there!) had the best time ever all night long. Congrats Kim & Chris!

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